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  • Dr. Straiko changed my life. I have worn glasses since the 3rd grade, and contacts since the 6th grade. At the age of 40, my contact lens prescription was a 7.5 and countless doctors told me I was not a candidate for eye surgery. Dr. Straiko did all the tests, and explained all the pros/cons of PRK. He was clear, direct, and answered all my questions. I did PRK in 2019 and it has been life changing. I can now swim, water ski, and have adventures with my 3 year old without worrying about my contacts. I highly recommend working with Dr. Straiko as you explore Lasik or PRK so you can see naturally.

  • Dr. Straiko and his staff are fantastic! Every encounter I had with Dr. Straiko and his staff has been phenomenal. The customer service was something you would expect from a business vying for your return business and not necessarily a medical facility. I highly recommend Dr. Straiko and his staff.

  • My training experience with Dr. Terry and Dr. Straiko has been absolutely tremendous.  I chose to pursue my cornea fellowship with them because of their national reputation as excellent surgeons and leaders in the field of cornea transplantation.  I have been here nearly a year now, and my experience has exceeded my expectations.  The surgical volume is high and the instruction I’ve received has been outstanding.  What has stood out to me most, however, is the kind way they treat their patients, and then patience they have had with me as I’ve progressed throughout fellowship. I couldn’t have asked for better mentors.

  • Dear Dr. Straiko,

    I feel I must thank you for my recent eye surgery o Feb 23, 2017. Everything is healing quite well and I can see so much better now. You have been so kind and respectable with my dry eye problems. You described my condition so that I could understand. You have made me feel safe in your judgement and care for my eye treatment. Another eye medical clinic did not treat me well and had extra treatment done that was not needed. You were referred to me by Good Sam Hosp. nurses that I know. I will certainly tell my friends and others about your professionalism and kindness.

    Devers Eye Institute at Legacy is the medical facility for eye care.

  • I had my PRK procedure done over two years ago.  The surgery changed my life.  Prior to having surgery on my eyes both my personal and work life was greatly impacted due to my poor vision. In day to day living I required strong corrective lenses to be able to see such simple things such as reading a book or tying my shoes.  It meant the first thing I did when I woke was to check where my glasses were and instantly put them on. As a person who enjoys camping backpacking and the outdoors I was constantly checking to make sure that my glasses were never lost or crushed.  This all changed with PRK.  In addition, the surgery also had a profound impact on my work life.  I am a Physician Assistant and work in vascular surgery.  This requires a tremendous amount of concentration and control. Prior to having my eyes corrected I required heavy corrective lenses to be able to fully function in the operating room.  Now I operate without any prescription and have complete clarity in the surgical field.  I would say that overall my quality of life has improved immensely as I no longer feel held back by my vision.  I have 20/20 vision and have never looked back.

  • A very good overall experience and the results of the surgery very satisfying.