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  • Getting eye surgery with Dr. Straiko was the best decision of 2016! It was unbelievable what a difference it was to be able to open my eyes and see everything so clearly. If there was one thing I could change, it would be to get it done earlier. Can’t say enough good things about the man.

  • Dr. Terry’s skill has given me a more productive life of good sight. So thankful that he was my surgeon. May God bless him and his family.

  • Dear Dr. Straiko – I thank you again fro all your help and kindness this past year. You are an excellent physician and a wonderful person. I am so grateful that God sent me you as my doctor.

  • I would like to express my appreciation to/for the cornea department of Devers eye. They are the reason I have my vision and can enjoy driving a car, reading, cooking, and cleaning. Dr. Terry, Dr. Shamie, and Dr. Straiko came to my rescue and gave me back my vision. Also – all the of the cornea department are so helpful and caring. They all give 100%. And to be sure you are given the best treatment available in the office, but phone calls too.

    Thank you to all the employees of Devers Eye Cornea Department!

  • NO words can EVER express the care that Dr. Terry has given me. Many, many years of issue and he has been the best! I’m eternally grateful to him and his staff. I have been so lucky to be in his care 🙂

  • In 2007 I had shingles in the right quadrant of my head. Effect: Not able to see out of my right eye. Dr. Terry gave me a new cornea and has continued to kindly, compassionately, and professionally take care of my eyes (and me) ever since that time.