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A cataract is a change in the transparency of the crystalline lens of the eye, this translates in a decrease in vision, faded colors, or and  increase in the amount of glare.

The transparent crystalline lens is located behind the color part of the eye, and its principal function is to give power and accommodation to the eye.

With age and different environmental factors the naturally transparent crystalline lens can become cloudy this is called a cataract.


Cataract surgery is a painless, fast ultramodern surgical procedure with a higher then 90% success rate, in which we replace the cloudy crystalline lens for an intraocular transparent lens made specially for the shape and size of each individual eye. The procedure is done with topical anesthesia (eye drops) through a very small incision of around 2.5mm a high potency ultrasound removes the cataract, once we have clear the eye of the crystalline cloudy lens an intraocular lens (IOL) is implanted to replace it. The end objective of cataract surgery is not only restore clear vision for distance but also to decrease significantly the dependence on glasses and for the patient to have the best vision possible.

Intraocular Lens

Modern cataract surgery not only has the final goal of improving the quality of vision, we also expect to reduce or eliminate the need of glasses by using different kind of intraocular lenses. We have available in our clinic monofocal lenses that can correct vision for distance or for near, multifocal lenses that address simultaneously near and distance vision and trifocals which would be similar to progressive spectacle lenses giving the patient intermediate vision as well.

We can also correct Astigmatism with toric intraocular lenses.

Ask your ophthalmologist at NW Cornea Institute for a personalized evaluation and together we can decide which intraocular lens is best for you