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LASIK and PRK are laser treatments to correct vision and reduce patients’ need for glasses or contact lenses. These treatments work by changing the shape of the cornea to improve vision. These treatments are sometimes called corrective eye surgery for refractive errors. Click the above link for more information.

Corneal Cross-Linking

Cornea cross-linking is a procedure that strengthens the cornea and prevents it from changing shape. The procedure creates covalent bonds between collagen molecules that make up the cornea. The procedure involves using UV light and riboflavin drops on the eye to achieve this. This procedure has only recently been approved for use in the USE and in general, is performed for patients with cornea ectasia or keratoconus (conditions that cause the cornea to progressively elongate and thin). This procedure can be performed in the clinic in a minor room rather than the OR. Click on the link above to learn more.

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts occur when the lens part of your eye become progressively more cloudy. This is due to the build up and formation of plaques that prevent light from normally passing through the lens. When vision becomes too difficult, the lens can be removed and replace with an artificial lens. This is known as a cataract surgery. Many different kinds of artificial lenses exist that can replace the old one, some of them able to fix the astigmatism of the eye that glasses would normally account for. In addition, cataract surgery can be performed at the same time as other surgeries such as corneal transplants. Click on the above link to learn more.

Cornea Transplantation

A cornea transplant involves having surgery to replace your cornea with a cornea that has been removed from someone who has died. The cornea you will receive is referred to as the donor cornea.  The donor cornea to be used for your transplant will be provided by an Eye Bank. These surgeries are performed with extremely high rates of success and are the most common type of transplant. There may be several kinds of corneal transplants depending on your condition. Click on the link above for more information on each kind of transplant.