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Cornea Fellowship Program

SFMatch Fellowships:

Dr. Terry and Dr. Straiko offer an accredited Cornea fellowship program. The program is high surgical volume: 300 transplants/year (70& DSAEK/DMEK), 400 phacos, anterior segment reconstructions, DALK, LASIK, PRK, KPro, iridoplasties, sutured in IOL, amniotic membrane grafting, etc. The program also includes high clinic volume: corneal ulcers, melts, dry eye, immunological diseases, and standard external disease  caseloads. We are also a high research publication center with 10-15 peer reviewed papers and book chapters per year. Having fellows publish during their year is a high priority. Additionally we expect Fellows to present at ARVO, ASCRS, Cornea Society/EBAA, amd AAO. Our fellowship program works in association with Lions VisionGift, the local eye bank in Portland. Extensive training in eye banking will also be expected. Applications must have completed USMLE steps 1-3 in order to be considered for fellowship.

  • Positions Available: 1
  • Program coordinator: Dawn Carson
  • Chair: James Rosenbaum, MD
  • Training Sequence: Clinical + Research
  • # Years of Training: 1

International Research Fellowships:

Dr. Terry and Dr. Straiko also offer international research fellowships. Fellowships are offered on a case by case basis and usually extend for 12 months.

For more information about the both cornea fellowship programs offered, please contact Dawn Carson at [email protected]