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  • For years I have been told my keratoconus in my left eye was not correctable, an any surgery was not possible. I was referred to Dr. Terry for an evaluation of a new procedure. What a surprise to hear that a transplant cornea surgery was a possibility. What an even greater surprise to see again with both eyes after 3 years. Words can’t thank you enough.

  • Before my PRK surgery, I had terrible vision. I always had to wear contacts, and I had to always remember to bring spares to my sports practices or whenever I traveled. If I had lost one of my contacts or if my eyes would get irritated, it would ruin whatever I was doing because I nearly blind without my contacts/glasses.

    I chose PRK because I live an active lifestyle and I had decided to have Dr. Terry perform the surgery based on the research I had done on him. On meeting Dr. Terry, I found him to be friendly, patient, and very knowledgeable. Dr. Terry explained the whole procedure to me beforehand, which made me feel comfortable and confident about the surgery. The day of the surgery, he was very thorough with his process, going through the exact same checklist out loud that he had gone over with me the day before. The surgery itself, which was quite painless, only took about 20 minutes.

    Although PRK takes a longer time to heal, Dr. Terry and his staff were always ready and prepared for the following days if I had any discomfort and any complications. It has been six months now since my surgery and my vision has never been better! I continue to live a very active lifestyle, and I no longer have to worry about packing spare contacts or glasses ever again! For someone like me who had horrible vision before, Dr. Terry surgery was life changing. I am glad I had my vision corrected and I am extremely happy with my choice in choosing Dr. Terry and his staff to perform my vision correction.

  • It has been nine months since my double cornea transplant surgery to address Fuchs dystrophy that was, this time last year, rapidly taking away my eyesight. Today the doctors say, and my daily life experience confirms, that the procedures were a true success!

    This letter is to express my great gratitude to all of you who have helped me on the path to restored sight. First and foremost, my deepest Thank You goes to Dr. Mark Terry and his amazing team at the Devers Eye Institute in Portland, OR. Dr. Terry’s visionary achievements in the field of ophthalmology, coupled with his incredible bedside manner, are nothing short of awe-inspiring. My family in Portland helped me find and connect with Dr. Terry and his leading-edge procedure. My daughter Ivana Polonijo was there for me, and with me, every step of the way. My grandson Liam initiated the GoFundMe campaign, helped take care of me after the operations, and kept you all up-to-date, sharing posts and photos. Special thanks to Scott, who was a generous and empathetic host during my stay in Portland when I was preparing for and recovering from the two surgeries. Back in Zagreb, my husband Mirko tirelessly navigated and coordinated countless activities related to my international travel for the procedures, supported by our son Pavle and his circle of friends.

    Thank you to all!